Science Says Humans Are Shockingly Bad At Walking

Despite thousand years of evolution and practice, it seems humans have yet to master the art of “walking on two feet,” claims new study.

Shockingly Bad

If you are prone to falling and tripping over your own feet, you can now blame your clumsiness on nature.

Surprisingly, we are actually not as good at walking as we thought we were. In fact, as the researchers from Purdue University in Indiana put it in their latest study, walking on two feet is a “challenging task” for humans — and no, it has nothing to with age or health.

To come to this conclusion, kinesiologists enrolled 94 students ages 18-35, and asked them to send an email every time they had had a fall in the period of 24 hours. At the end of the 16-week experiment, the students had reported a total of 1,495 trips and slips, while 46 participants reported 82 full-blown falls, amounting to 52 percent of the sample.

The study, published in the journal “Human Movement Science,” claimed 58 percent of injuries occur while people were walking.

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“The fact that the majority of falls occurred while walking supports the prevailing argument that bipeds [animals with two feet] are mechanically unstable and also demonstrates that walking is a challenging task,” the report stated. “These results address an understudied yet important question, and highlight the mechanically unstable nature of bipedal locomotion.”

Who knew centuries of practice and evolution still would not be enough for us to master the art of walking on two feet?

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