Producer Exposes All The Sexist Ways Women Are Introduced In Hollywood

Objectification of women remains a huge problem in the entertainment industry – and one man is finally taking a stand against it.

Gender equality, both in practice and appearance, is a decades-old conversation at this point. But that hasn't stopped Hollywood from remaining in the dark ages for women. 

“They don't write roles for women," Academy Award-winning actress Sally Field told Variety in 2015. "Since the industry is run by men, men have a tendency to want to make stories about themselves and things they identify with. Then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy." 

American movie producer Ross Putman took it upon himself to further expose this point by tweeting parts of actual scripts that introduce women characters.

Using a twitter account @femscriptintros, Putman has shared several sexist descriptions.

In order to keep people’s identity hidden, the producer changed all names to Jane, and tweeted the following:






Looking at the tweets, one cannot help but notice the striking vocabulary used to describe women. Hopefully, in the near future script writers in the filmmaking industry will actually create more solid roles for females, using bolder words, and stronger characters to define them.

People need to realize that a woman’s role in the society goes way beyond being beautiful and sexy, and it about time women in movies are portrayed similar to what they are in real life, instead of simply being sexualized.             

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