7 Signs Your Coworker Is A Psychopath

Don't believe what you see in the movies — psychopaths aren't always twisted serial killers. And you might be working with one.


We all have dealt with people at some point in our lives who we label as psychopaths. From a rude neighbor to the crazy person who gave you a tough time on the road, we throw around the psychopath label casually. 

But it's actually not inconceivable that you know a true psychopath. According to experts, it is possible that we may come across a colleague who is one. Here we have seven signs that may help you spot a psychopath the next cubicle over.

1. They have sadistic motives and intents

Andrew Faas, a former senior executive with Canada's two largest retail organizations and author of “The Bully's Trap,” said, “I think the most telling sign is their sadistic nature.”

Faas said psychopaths have ability to destroy rather than correct and that they motivate through fear.

“I've led and managed workforces that are in the thousands, and I've always been and still am a very demanding leader, but I motivate through respect because I want people to improve,” said Faas.

2. They're pathological liars

pathological liars

An easy way to spot a psychopath is their intense drive to lie — and at times they are unstoppable.

Faas further added that a psychopath will not be ashamed if their lie is caught because they will go ahead and make another false claim to cover up their previous lie.

3. They don't think the rules apply to them

According to Amy Morin, a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, psychopaths also live in a state of denial where they refuse follow norms and rules. They also firmly believe that whatever they do, they will get away with it

4. They had early behavioral problems

behavioral problems

According to Faas, psychopaths in the workplace are extensions of bullies on the playground. They are also likely to cheat, vandalize and lie and to display these behaviors to a serious degree.

“They take what they are allowed to do in the school environment and take it with them to the workplace,” said Faas.

5. They don't feel emotions like normal people


Psychopaths are less likely to feel emotions as normal people do. They have the ability to mimic responses but don’t generally feel them, wrote Dr. Scott Bonn.

Another interesting quality that they are likely to have is that the other person is unable to understand their real nature. Their real side is always unknown.

6. They have a scary temper

They also don’t have control over their anger. They are likely to lose their cool over petty issues and they freak out and create a big fuss out of the smallest of issues.

7. They're often bored


They constantly complain and whine about boredom. Instead of living in the moment, they are always in a rush and are looking for the next thing ahead. This makes them bored of the current situation that they are in.

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