Smartphone Addiction Sparks New Street Signs In South Korea

South Korea has decided to implement new street signs as part of an effort to prevent smartphone-related accidents in areas with heavy foot traffic.


Various studies have concluded that smartphone addiction is a real condition that many of us are suffering from.

We’ve become so dependent on our phones that everyday tasks such as walking across the street cannot be completed without our heads down and eyes totally transfixed on our little screens.

South Korea has paved the way for preventing accidents when people are paying more attention to their phones than where they are walking.

Seoul's Metropolitan Government has unveiled two new traffic signs as part of their initiative.

One sign reads, “Warning: Using Smartphone While Walking,” and includes an animation of someone getting hit by a car while looking at their phone.

The sign serves as a warning to pedestrians of what could happen if they aren’t paying attention, according to UPROXX.

The other says, “Walk Safely” which is meant to deter people from walking and using their phone at the same time.

The signs are set to be placed in five districts that the government has identified as high risk areas for smartphone-related accidents including; Hongdae, City Hall, Yonsei University, Gangnam Station, and Jamsil Station.

It’s highly plausible that these signs won’t even be seen because if someone isn’t paying attention to where they are walking in the first place, they certainly aren’t going to notice this new cautionary signage.

However, at least the government is taking some initiative to combat this growing addiction.

Only time will tell if the efficacy of these signs proves to make a difference. If they do, other countries should consider following suit. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @BBCMonitoring

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