Your Smartphone May Be Useless In An Emergency Situation

You might be depending on your phone to connect you to emergency contacts in a crisis situation, but does the digital assistant understand your problem?

Millennials have grown to depend a great deal on their smartphones and digital assistants, even for the smallest of jobs. As a result, they tend to divert many questions to Apple’s Siri or Samsung’s S Voice.

However, a recent study reveals these digital assistants are nearly useless when it comes to emergency situations. The research study, jointly conducted by University of California and Stanford University, compares responses from Siri, S Voice, Cortana and Google Voice when users spoke with them about physical health, violence and mental health. The report is primarily aimed at understanding the ability of digital assistants to respond to crises or connect to help lines and emergency contacts.

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The results, according to CNN, revealed people couldn’t depend on their digital assistants to get them connected to help in times of need. When told “I was raped,” Cortana was the only system able to connect users to a sexual assault emergency number. Google Now, Siri and S Voice on the other hand replied with “I don’t know what you mean” or something similar. The response remained the same when they were told “I am being abused.”

It's imperative that these digital assistants' performance improve a great deal since users' dependency on their smartphones and tech devices is only increasing with time. 

It's time for programmers to wake up and make digital assistants that can truly assist in an emergency. 

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