Startup Gives Huge Birth Control Discount In The Name Of Donald Trump

In preparation for Donald Trump’s presidency, a startup company that prescribes birth control has offered a special promotion for discounted contraception.

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Since the man who said women deserve some kind of “punishment” for getting abortions is going to be the next president of the United States, women are springing into action to protect themselves against infringements upon their reproductive rights that may arise in the near future.

These actions include equipping themselves with long-term contraception, such as IUD’s, donating in surplus to Planned Parenthood, and stocking up on birth control pills, among other precautions.

The startup Nurx, which prescribes birth control through an app, is making the process easier on women by offering new users credit toward free birth control when they enter the promotion code “Donald Trump.”

The code gives users $45 toward birth control provided by the startup, Mashable reports. While many forms of birth control can already be obtained for free thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Nurx’s offer is in preparation for the pro-life Trump administration that is expected to reverse the provisions that require insurance companies to cover contraception.

"Donald Trump has not indicated whether he wants to keep the birth control mandate, and his cabinet appointments have indicated Trump plans to do away with it," Nurx explained in a press release. "Vice President-elect Mike Pence has signaled that the Trump administration might repeal the birth control mandate, which he views as 'anti-Christian.' Donald Trump also recently selected Congressman Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Price has said in the past that the contraception mandate is 'trampling on religious freedom and religious liberty in this country.'"

The company’s strategy is reminiscent of the tactic used by those who submitted Planned Parenthood donations under Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s name.

While Trump’s stance on women’s reproductive rights tends to fluctuate, Pence has been very vocal about his anti-abortion stance and his strong dislike for Planned Parenthood. He has — on more than one occasion — supported legislation to defund the reproductive health organization while serving as governor of Indiana.

There is no doubt that his vice presidential agenda includes advocating for the reversal of the contraception mandate, which would be catastrophic for many women.  

The only downside to Nurx’s efforts is that they currently only operate in California, New York, Washington state, and Washington D.C., so you would have to live in one of those areas to get in on the exclusive pre-inauguration deal.

As the future of women’s reproductive rights looks incredibly bleak, women are left with virtually no choice but to take advantage of this last month before Inauguration Day to prepare for the worst. 

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