Men Don't Appreciate One Of The Modern Workplace's Best Perks: Study

Men and women are wired differently, something that's very evident in how each approach work-life balance.

Men and women have entirely different set of preferences when it comes to their work life.

Apparently, women with flexible arrangements at work are more prone to performing well and being promoted. On the other hand, men in the same situation feel discouraged and believe their job is in hot water, according to a joint research from Bain & Company and Chief Executive Women.

Researchers conducted the survey on 1,030 people from across Australian workplaces and questioned them about their flexible working arrangement and how it impacted their view of the organization they work for.

Surprisingly, the findings showed that men who worked flexible schedules had lower confidence and commitment levels. Women, in a stark contrast, enjoyed the perks of flexible working that made them feel more in control of their life. The results also showed that men were twice as likely as women to have their request for flexible working arrangements rejected.

“My boss told me I wouldn’t be able to get promoted working part-time,” one man who responded to the survey said.

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“This suggests that organizations have not yet cracked the code on how to make such arrangements work for male employees,” the report found.

Even though the reason men and women requested for flexible working arrangements were similar — such as caring for children or sick parents, wanting a life and work balance, or other personal commitments  women were given them more easily. But this didn’t negatively affect their career, as with men, according to a co-author of the report and director of Merryck & Co, Meredith Hellicar.

“Our cultural values are deeply embedded so we must change perceptions around whose role it is to care for kids and accept that men can, and want to, take on this role too,” Hellicar explained.

With advances in technology and most e-commerce activities taking place over the Internet, working from home has become much easier and should be made a norm according to Hellicar. Yet, sadly, a mere 48 percent of companies have formal flexible work policies.

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While flexible work policies are encouraged among females in order to get more of them into the workforce, it is also important to allow gender equality and let men assume roles at home too. Both genders should be allowed equal access to flexible work and get the same opportunities for promotion and growth in their career. 

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