The Surprising Industry Where Women Make As Much As Men

While gender pay gap and sexism at the workplace remain big problems for women, working in one particular field may land you the same salary as your male counterpart.

The gender pay gap continues to dog women, robbing them of an equal salary to men everywhere from boardrooms to Hollywood.

But there is one field where women are paid are par with their male counterparts — with a catch.

Dice, a website that specializes in technology jobs, crunched the data on the salaries and background of 16,000 individuals to look into gender pay gap in the tech industry. Their research revealed that both men and women working for technology firms are paid equally, given their position, education and experience.

However, if both genders are compared without considering these factors, a pay gap of about $10,000 was observed.

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The tech firm found that while men mostly occupy positions like software engineer, system administrator and project manager, a large number of women work as project manager, business analyst and quality assurance tester.

Interestingly, the firm’s president, Bob Melk, also revealed that even though money is an important factor for both men and women, it seemed to be a bigger motivation for males. Women, on the other hand, didn’t care about cash that much and preferred alternatives to money — including flexible working hours, telecommuting and other perks.

“When it comes to technology employment, it’s a skills driven marketplace,” Dice Senior Vice President Tom Silver said in a statement.

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This reminds us that even though most individuals in the workforce are driven by money, motivational factors may vary from person to person. Employers seeking better talent should study what drives people to work and compensate them accordingly.

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