Study Says Working Long Hours Is Literally Killing You

A new study reveals exhausted employees who work over 55 hours a week have a greater chance of developing heart problems down the road.

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It may come as no surprise to you, but many employees are overworked. According to a 2016 NPR poll, about half of Americans who work over 50 hours a week don't actually use much of their hard-earned vacation days. And 30 percent of those who do claim their time off, still work despite being on vacation.

Well, a new study in the European Heart Journal says working long hours increases your chances of developing atrial fibrillation, which leads to strokes and heart failure, The Cut reported.

For the study, the researchers tracked down 85,000 people with no atrial fibrillation for a decade. At the end fo the study, 1,061 people developed the condition. After adjusting for factors such as age and sex, the researchers came to the conclusion that those who worked over 55 hours a week were 1.4 times more likely of getting the heart condition.

Long work hours were associated with smoking, "leisure-time physical inactivity," obesity, and risky alcohol use," according to the researchers. 

These findings aren't entirely revolutionary. Previous research suggests excess stress and exhaustion also lead to atrial fibrillation. As many of us have heard by now, chronic stress has been scientifically proven to be harmful to our health, such as damaging our teeth or weakening our immune system, Healthline reported. 

In 2015, a study conducted by the University College London found those who worked over 55 hours each week increased their chances of having a stroke by 33 percent. 

These hardworking people are also more likely to ignore warning health signs, which means delayed treatment.

Although more research needs to be done to ensure there's a direct link between overworking and developing a heart condition, people should exercise more, eat better, and sit down less if they can.

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