Sunflower Farm Forced To Close After Influx Of Selfie-Taking Tourists

The 68-acre Canadian farm was forced to close to the public due to rude behavior after guests trampled the garden and ripped the heads off sunflowers.

The Bogle farm has allowed people to take photographs in their garden filled with a million-and-a-half sunflowers for several years, but they won’t be doing it again anytime soon.

“Go home. We're closed,” said the Bogles after their farm was trampled by a herd of selfie tourists.

The Bogle's sunflower farm has more than 1.6 million sunflowers planted on the land and was offering the garden to the public for taking pictures or simply taking a stroll among the scenery for $7.50.

Things commenced beautifully for several days until people started to arrive at the farm in mass numbers. The farm only has around 300 parking spaces, but more than 7,000 cars overran the parking lot on Saturday.

The overabundance of vehicles caused chaotic traffic jams with people parking on the side of the highway or anywhere they could. The police had to assist in removing people from the area and recommended that the Bogles close down for tourists.

Barry Bogle owns the farm and said that sunflowers are susceptible to disease, noting that a broken leaf or plant is all it takes to leave a plant vulnerable. He said people were trespassing and sneaking in without paying and destroying flowers. One person even entered with some poison ivy.

"We could lose our whole entire crop...,” he said.  

The farm will remain open for people buying wild bird seed, but the sunflower garden is closed. Some people who were turned away were angry with the Bogles and even threatened to fight the farmer.

The fact that people can descend on a farm so full of beauty and destroy it in a matter of hours speaks to the lack of civility infecting society today. It is a shame that the naughty bunch ruined it for the rest of the people visiting the farm. Hopefully, the Bogles will be able to contain the damage.    

Banner/thumbnail photo credit: REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

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