Surprising Ways Epsom Salt Can Improve Your Life

Usually, Epsom salt is prescribed as a cheap and simple home remedy for various minor health issues, but did you know it actually has a lot of different uses around your home?

Did you know that Epsom salt is not really a salt at all?

This natural occurring pure mineral compound that's made up of sulfate and magnesium is used all over the world for a variety of things. From incorporating it into your grooming routine,  or adding it to a relaxing bath, here are some great and rather surprising ways it can be used. 

1. Wash Away The Day And Get Your Detox On 

taking a bath with epsom salt

An Epsom salt bath is a great way to end your day. If you already have a detox regimen this is a great addition. It works wonders as a stress reliever,  and the sulfates are great at drawing all the toxins and heavy metals out of your system, which can greatly improve your overall health.  Just add one cup of Epson salt to your warm bath water and soak for 20 minutes. 

2. Let It Grow

Potted Plant

For thriving greenery try adding Epsom salt to the fertilizer that's placed in the soil of your plants once a month.  If you want a more direct approach, you can take 1 tablespoon and mix it with a gallon of water and spray right onto the leaves. 

3. A Scrub You’ll Love 

Bathroom essentials

For soft glowing skin, combine olive oil and Epsom salt to create a scrub. The exfoliating properties that Epsom salt possess make for the best home remedy for dry and rough skin.  So, lather that mixture all over when you're in the shower, and you'll begin to see the difference after the first use. 

4.  Pump up the volume

For thicker and shinier locks, combine equal parts of Epsom salt and your regular conditioner. Douse your hair in the mixture for at least 15 minutes, and then rinse.  Your hair will love you!  The minerals in Epsom salt can aid with the removal of oils that make your hair greasy as well as condition. 

5. Treating A Sunburn


Ouch! The good news is that the days of having to deal with messy aloe are over! The anti-inflammatory properties that are found in Epsom salt make a great tool for relieving sunburn irritation. Just take a spray bottle, and mix one cup of water and two tablespoons and spray on the area that’s affected.  

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