Tech Company Offers Employees $10,000 To Get Out Of San Francisco

A Bay Area tech company is offering a special package to incentivize employees to move out of San Francisco and away from its unsustainable rent prices.

Let’s be honest, the rent prices in San Francisco are through the roof.

The Bay Area housing crisis is only getting worse as the city by the bay continues to shift into the world’s tech hub.

One Bay Area-based tech company is combating the high cost of living in San Francisco by paying people not to live there.

The company Zapier — which specializes in apps integration and automation — is offering its employees $10,000 to leave the northern California city.

Zapier’s CEO and co-founder, Wade Foster, wrote in a blog post that since “it can be a real challenge to turn the Bay Area into a life-long home rather than a short stop somewhere in our twenties and thirties,” they are offering the generous incentive package to urge people to get out.

"[We] think you should be able to work wherever you want and still work at a place that helps you achieve your career goals," the CEO said of the company that promotes remote working.

Because this new business model is still in the experimental stages, it is only offered to San Francisco-based employees, but it could later expand to workers living in other expensive areas, Mashable reports.

Once word began to spread about Zapier’s initiative, Twitter users started suggesting affordable cities for employees to move outside of The Golden State.

In case you’re wondering “what’s the catch,” there doesn’t really appear to be one.

The “fine print” stipulations, according to Foster’s blog, include a request to stay with the company for at least a year and a note that the $10,000 would be in the form of a reimbursement for moving expenses incurred in the first three months while working for Zapier — seems reasonable enough. 

While this is a very innovative way to help people who may feel trapped in a city they can’t afford in order to pursue their career goals, the fact that the cost of living in the Bay Area has come to this is a troubling revelation that shouldn't be overlooked.

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