Teen Celebrates Inspirational Black Women With Prom Dress

The teen wanted to celebrate all the African-American women who inspired her over her lifetime with one dress, and Twitter reacted accordingly.


Going to prom is often seen as an important part of a teenager’s life. To a teen in Memphis, Tennessee, going to prom also meant paying homage to the strong women who mean the world to her.

Skyler Branch, 17, decided to use her prom dress to show the many African-American women who have inspired over the years. As such, she contacted seamstress Shannon Pierce to have her vision become reality.

Dayna Branch, the girl’s mother, told reporters how the whole idea came to be.

“She said, ‘Mom, there’s been so many extraordinary African-American women who have done so much for me. I want to show them some respect so that they know that not just the older adults but the younger adults appreciate who paved the way,’” she said. “And she found different pictures of all of the people who she wanted on the dress.”

So her mother called the seamstress and explained to her what Branch had in mind.

“We sat down with her, we went over the print and where we wanted everyone to be. She has her great-great grandmothers on there, as well as her grandmothers. She has all of her aunts from Memphis to Houston. Everybody’s on there,” she said.

Aside from her inspirational family members, Branch also added Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, and even Dr. Alfreda J. Webb, the country’s first African-American female veterinarian.

“Skyler is actually going to school for pre-vet studies,” her mom explained, so the addition makes perfect sense.

Before the dance, daughter and mom went to see one of Branch’s great grandmothers, who’s 87. She was in awe, as many of her family members cried.  

“We didn’t see anything like this before,” Branch’s mom said.

Twitter users couldn’t agree more.

Even her mother showed her pride on Twitter.

We couldn’t be happier to see young women like Branch paying such a beautiful tribute to the strong women in her life. With this gesture alone, she proved she is also a great example to young women everywhere.

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