The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Is Literally One Penny Away

If you’re searching for a simple, quick hack to drastically improve your eyeliner game, look no further than this tutorial by beauty vlogger “MercedesBenssz.”

Aside from the occasional lucky penny you may stumble upon in the street, let’s face it, the one cent coin isn’t of much value.

Two pennies lying side by side

Alas, a beauty vlogger known as “MercedesBenssz" just gave the round piece of copper a brand new purpose.

The brilliant mastermind has figured out that the edge of a penny can help create flawless winged eyeliner. This is great news for anyone who's tried to nail this look (only to throw their liquid liner across the room in frustration).

Makeup-wearers can form a nearly perfect straight line by painting the perimeter of the coin with liquid eyeliner, pressing it to the skin, guiding it along the lashline, and rolling it upward to make the coveted wing shape that is ever so difficult to achieve.

So simple, yet so mind-blowing.

"I know it seems silly, like really? A penny? Yes! When I say that finding unique ways to give the perfect eyeliner is my niche, I will do what it takes for others to be able to achieve nice winged eyeliner,” the vlogger reportedly told Bustle. “I like to say if you don't go out there and at least try it, how will you know something works? This lucky penny just seemed to do the trick.”

You may be thinking this hack is incredibly unsanitary, but use your common sense, folks. It’s strongly advised for those who try this trick to proceed with caution and clean the penny before putting it anywhere near their eyes. However, don’t douse it in rubbing alcohol or any harsh chemical like it; use a baby shampoo or another gentle anti-bacterial cleanser that is less likely to cause irritation.

So go forth, makeup lovers. Gather all the pennies you threw to the wayside, and may you never be plagued by crooked wings again. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Ashley Harrigan

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