These Chic Dorm Rooms Will Make Your Adult Bedroom Jealous

The way these college students decorated their dorm rooms will give you some real inspiration to give your own room a makeover.

Ah, college. Thinking back on the days of the freedom, the parties, the lack of responsibility, lasting friendships, and the dorm rooms. 

The dorm rooms are the last thing that anyone misses when reminiscing about the good old college days. Nobody misses the days of having their belongings stuffed in plastic bins beneath a barely comfortable twin bed that’s pushed up against a concrete block wall that’s bare.

However, these days, it’s a whole other story. 

The dorm room room setup looks basically the same, but college students have started decorating and putting their own stamp on their small dwellings.

Many of these dorm rooms look really nice, and some that would make your adult bedroom jealous. Some of these college kids go all out. Artwork, dreamy looking bedspreads, string lights, and even a chandelier are what they are adding to their rooms to give it that homey and sophisticated style.

Here are some amazing doom rooms that will have you thinking about giving your bedroom an entire makeover. 

1. Jungle Chic 


staying inside.

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The decor in this dorm room is amazing. It screams tranquil and cozy. Who would ever want to go to class. Some people wish their own bedrooms were so put together. The decor makes it the best the place for one to draw new energy and recharge. Simply amazing!

2. Fit For A Princess 


This dorm room is ultra chic, and who wouldn't want to come home from a long day of classes and relax their feet on the soft looking carpet? A throw rug or adding in some carpet is a great addition for a room with cold floors. A nice addition like a chandelier can fancy up any room, and warm duvet covers can make a room cozy in an instant. All the pieces in this room definitely have character, making this dorm room glamorous. 

3. It's All About Wall Decor 


because my bed only looks nice 2% of the time (& right now is not that time) #UOonCampus

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This room looks like it came straight out of a magazine. The wall decor is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it's perfect. Not one Polaroid is crooked. What a great way to display your pictures. The pillows are fun and make the bed cozy and inviting, and the wall decor just ties everything in giving the room a relaxed artsy vibe. Now, who wouldn't want a bedroom like this?

4. Pillows! Pillows! And More Pillows!


A good pillow certainly goes a long way, and all of these pictures of dorm room have plenty of comfy looking ones. Even though they are comfortable and soft, they're not all fluff. Adding throw pillows packs a ton of punch and really brings out subtle design features in a space. Pillows are awesome. These rooms look great. The added stuff on the wall and the decorative lights really brings the personality of its occupants. 

5. Simple And Satisfying 


There is definitely nothing wrong with keeping it cute and classy. In smaller areas having less is always best, and is perfect for a college dorm room. The neutral color scheme palette gives the room a look of sophistication and adding curtains to any room makes the space less boxy and more homey and cozy. This design scheme would look great in any bedroom.

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