These Tips Will Help You Beat The Heat And Still Stay Fit

Here are some tips, however, that will help you get through those sticky summertime workouts.

Summer is in full swing, and the heat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

That said, there’s really no gentle way to put it: working out on a humid 85-degree day pretty much sucks. From running to hiking, biking, and even just walking it all feels much harder in the heat, which is even intensified when there’s moisture in the air. Here are some tips, however, that will help you get through those sticky summertime workouts.

1. Head indoors

If you can’t stand the heat, then now would be a great time to head to our local air-conditioned gym and take advantage of a monthly membership. Don’t want to spend the money? Burn those calories in the privacy of your own home by jumping rope, or follow along with the numerous online fitness workouts that are available online. There are even apps you can download for all your workout needs from cardio, to strength training and yoga. 

2. Shake up your regular workout routine


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Running, biking and tennis are greats ways to exercise most of the time, but during the summer heat, they can be quite challenging. If it’s too hot for your go-to activity then try something new. If you’re close to the ocean maybe try a surfing class or go swimming. Both are incredible workouts, and you’ll be able to both enjoy the outdoors, and have a more manageable workout session from the cool water. 

3. Early morning or evening jog


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If you’re an early morning riser than going for a morning run in the summer time is the best. It’s the coolest and most serene part of the day, and you’ll have a nice boost to carry you through the rest of your day. However, if the morning doesn’t work for you, then a nice evening jog is a great alternative. You can grab a friend, or find a group that partakes in evening runs.

4. Be sure to drink lots of water


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Keeping yourself hydrated while exercising outdoors will help in preventing some of the symptoms you may experience from the heat such as headaches, dizziness or stomach cramps. Drink water not just before or after your workouts, but all day. By keeping your water storage high, you’ll be able to improve your body’s cooling mechanisms.

5. Wear lightweight clothes


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Breathable, lightweight, workout clothes that will help in the evaporation of sweat are a must. They will pull the moisture away from your body, so you will actually feel cooler. A hat also helps because it will keep the sun off your face and heads. A visor is even better because your head will be able to breathe while keeping the sun away from your face. 

6. Take a cold shower


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This may sound a weird, but taking a cold shower before a workout will is a good thing. The cold water will help cool you down, and if you leave your hair wet and put it up in bun before you head out, the water that drips down your neck and face will feel oh so refreshing.

If your hair is too short for the bun carry a spritz bottle and give yourself a little spray on the top of your head whenever you need a little cooling off. It will totally come in handy when you're on a jog and battling the heat!


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