These Valentine’s Day Cards Protest Gun Violence By Celebrating Love

A former lawyer from Vermont decided to take a brand new approach to the debate on gun violence — and it's here just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day!


Emily Blistein, a former lawyer and women’s advocate turned independent shop-owner in Middlebury, Vermont, was distraught when she repeatedly heard about the gun violence that plagues the United States today.

In an effort change the tune of the discussion surrounding the gun control debate, Blistein made a call to social media for designers to help her with a beautiful concept for some postcards to protest gun violence while celebrating love — what better way could there be to “send a message”?

In an interview with Slate, Blistein explains that she wanted people to help her design cards “celebrating love over fear,” and that she “left the prompt intentionally vague” so that she could get a wide variety of designs.


She’s calling this project “Love Is Mightier,” and she just finished her first 10 postcards just in time for Valentine’s Day—she’s hoping to make plenty more.

From Slate:

“Art and design often speak loudest when words fail,” Blistein said, explaining that she settled on postcards because they are “a powerful, small canvas for designers to share their work” and “an approachable medium” for customers. “I want to remind everyone that we each have a role to play in ending gun violence,” she said. “Doing something—no matter how big or small—is the most important thing.”

Blisten explained that 100 percent of the design and printing costs were handled by the artists that designed the cards, and that all of the proceeds would be donated “to organizations, entities, or individuals working to end gun violence.”

Her first set of postcards are available on her online shop, Clementine, for just $10!

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