This Is What Hotel Workers Really Think About You As A Guest

Hotel workers reveal all the disturbing secrets about their jobs and how they get even with obnoxious guests using the anonymous app "Whisper."

Have you ever wondered what hotel staffreally thinks of you as a guest? 

Most places have surveys or offer some kind of comment card that allows you to rate their services but did you ever stop to think that they are also secretly rating you?

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People tend to view a nice hotel stay as a pleasant get away from home where you have access to amenities like extended cable, a hot tub and a 24-hour gym as well as free continental breakfast and the best part of all, you don’t have to clean or wash a single thing.

Well, if you’re one of those people who lives for that home away from home experience and you don’t want your optimistic view of hotels to be shattered then you might want to reconsider reading on…

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Using the app “Whisper,” described as the “best place to discover secrets around you,” hotel workers have shared their innermost thoughts and feelings related to their jobs along with some disturbing practices that are very much frowned upon and occur more often than you think. 

Several of the worst hotel horrors that you force yourself to believe are just myths are actually realities. 

These shocking revelations may make you rethink how you treat the people that work for you. This doesn't just apply to hotel staff but anyone who works in the hospitality industry or provides a service. Being responsible for other people's needs all day long can take a serious toll on you and cloud your judgment as evidenced by these hotel workers' dark truths. 

Compared to these horrific scenarios, maybe Airbnbisn't so bad after all? 

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