This Kentucky Town Elected A Pit Bull For Its Mayor

The new mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, is an adorable 3-year-old rescue pit bull named Brynneth Pawltrow. Understandably, everyone is pretty excited about this.

Brynneth Pawltrow is the latest mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, winning the vote by a landslide of 3,300 votes, BuzzFeed reported.

She's also an adorable 3-year-old rescued pit bull.

The competition was fierce (and furry) — she beat out a few other dogs, Higgins the donkey, Bossy the chicken, and Stella the cat, according to

She and her campaign manager, aka owner, Jordie Bamforth, ran on a platform of "peace, love, and understanding."

If all of this isn't cute enough, Pawltrow was sworn in back in January at an "Indawguration Ball."

The town of Rabbit Hash no longer uses human mayors, and actually hosts animal elections for charity. Each person who votes donates a dollar to help local people in need. Pawltrow's win collected $8,965, which was used to help those who owned a local shop that burned down.

Rabbit Hash (thankfully) isn't the only town that elects animals to public office. In Talkeetna, Alaska, a cat named Stubbs has been mayor for 15 years, Mental Floss reported. Over in Lajitas, Texas, three different billy goats have been mayor since 1986.

Is anyone else wondering when animals will reach the Oval Office?

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