After Raising It, This State Just Lowered Its Minimum Wage To $7.70

If you thought minimum wage was only increasing, you're sadly wrong. After hiking the minimum wage to $10, Missouri just lowered it back to $7.70.

In the longstanding battle for increasing the minimum wage to improve the lives of American workers, Missouri might have just taken a step backward, according to HuffPost

After the state's minimum wage was raised to $10 with the goal to reach $11 in 2018, Republicans have passed a "preemption" law that will lower it back down to $7.70 on Aug. 28.

For those who depend on the minimum wage, this will be a cut of up to 23 percent. One St. Louis minimum wage worker said the $10 wage helped her income increase by $400 — the cut, she said, will force her to "go back to struggling," according to CBS News.

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Lawmakers supporting the cut say that the raise was a mistake.

"Despite what you hear from liberals, it will take money out of people's pockets," the state's governor, Eric Greitens, said.  

Local businesses have said that the wage hike, which was decided two years ago, has made it more difficult to meet ends, forcing prices to rise and customers to lessen.

A similar study in Seattle, which voted to increase its minimum wage to $15 three years ago, echoed this sentiment, according to Slate. The economists in the study say that employers had to cut employees and their hours in order to afford the wage increase.

The federal minimum wage is just a teeny bit lower at $7.25 per hour, which results as a mere $290 a week. But on the flip side, on July 1, California raised its minimum wage to $15.20 in some parts. 

While the case can be made for both sides, the lawmakers who are passing these bills and affecting the lives of millions of people are noticeably out of touch. They are unaware of the struggles of those who have to support themselves and their families on such low earnings.

Our country shouldn't be moving backward. This only pushes those living in poverty deeper into it.

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