T-Shirt's Slogan Makes A Joke Of Rape Culture

You’ve heard of soap on a rope and hot dog on a stick. But, rape culture on a shirt? You’ve got to be kidding.

Some slogan t-shirts are better off not existing.

Yesterday, one Twitter user, @feminist_tinder, posted a picture of a men’s tank top which reads, “Two Beers $7. Three Margaritas $15. Four Jello Shots $20. Taking Home The Girl Who Drank All Of The Above? PRICELESS.”

Now, your first reaction may be, where can I get three margaritas for only $15?

No, but seriously, the message this shirt is sending is disgusting. It condones premeditated rape which is wrong, permanently damaging and against the law. This slogan shamefully feeds into stereotypes that if you are a girl and you enjoy drinking, then you are either promiscuous or asking to be raped.

As @feminist_tinder pointed out in her tweet, “Buying drinks with the intention of lowering a woman’s inhibitions is premeditated assault, don’t.”

Mic noted that other slogan t-shirts with a “rapey” message didn’t do so well either. Forever 21 had to take a shirt off the shelves which read, “Don’t Say Maybe If You Want To Say No.” Another clothing brand, Sugarpills, made a graphic tee which had the grotesque slogan, “Dead Girls Can’t Say No.”

Joking about rape on a t-shirt is like making a joke about terminal cancer or HIV on a t-shirt. It’s just not funny.

What was @feminist_tinder’s reaction to the shirt when she saw it? She threw it where it belongs and stepped on it. 

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Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @feminist_tinder

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