TIME Cover Perfectly Captures Trump's Spiraling Campaign

Recently, some clever magazine covers used the collapse of the Trump campaign to poke fun at the candidate as key GOP leaders reject him for his lewd behavior.

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Two new magazine covers illustrate the full-blown crisis which Donald Trump now faces, offering much needed political humor when the future of the country’s leadership appears so dim.

As Trump faces repeated accusations of groping women, the premise of his entire candidacy is faltering.

Congressional Speaker Paul Ryan and other top Republican officials have announced that they will no longer campaign for him.  After the release of the 2005 audio recordings on Friday, even more women are now speaking out against Trump for allegedly sexually assaulting them.

This week, TIME magazine outdid themselves by reinventing an August cover.

The cover from the week of Aug. 22 depicted a cartoon of Donald Trump’s signature orange-tinged face with the caption, “Meltdown.” Taking this concept one step further, for the Oct. 24 edition, the same artist, Edel Rodriguez, drew Trump’s head as though it were melting into a puddle. The phrase, “Total Meltdown,” brilliantly punctuates the soppy mess.

Commenting as to how Rodriguez came up with the idea, TIME staff reportedly said his goal was “to capture the latest twists in Donald Trump’s campaign and the rising anger within the Republican Party leadership about their standard-bearer’s behavior.”

Trump’s apparent implosion is being capitalized by this week’s cover of The Economist, as well.  

The Economist’s hilarious cover portrays a caricature of Trump talking out of the rear end of the GOP’s trademark elephant. The presidential nominee is perpetually digging himself into a deeper hole by stubbornly refusing to apologize for his inappropriate behaviors and comments, as the illustration so captures.

Could it be possible that the Republican Party isn’t divided, but that they are just losing the race?

Photo credit: Twitter, ‏@comradewong

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