Today Is International Yoga Day: Here's How The World Namastes

Yoga has become an international sensation. Today, people all over the world are celebrating International Yoga Day. Here are some pictures to get you inspired.

Today, for International Yoga Day, people in more than 100 countries are unrolling their yoga mats to celebrate the ancient Hindu practice of yoga, BBC reported.

This is the third celebration of the annual day, which was brought to the United Nations by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 as an effort to promote the peaceful practice.

References to it can be found in texts dated back to the 18th century describing Indian wrestlers.

Yoga has already spread throughout the world, as people have discovered the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of it. According to the UN, two billion people practice it worldwide. Take a look at how widespread yoga's influence has become, from Brazil to Russia.

1. Russia


Концентрация на игре, фокус на победе. #ясоздаю #HereToCreate #InternationalYogaDay

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2. Bolivia

3. Brazil


"That's what #Buddha says: hold the pendulum in the middle and the mind stops. The mind is the clock because the mind is time, the mind is desire. It brings past and future - it *is* time. Hold it in the middle. Don't live in the past and don't live in the future. Be in the present, that is the middle. Don't be indulgent and don't be a renunciate; be in the middle. Fulfill the necessities of life. Don't be obsessed by possessing things and don't be obsessed by renouncing them. Both are obsessions and both are pathological states. Avoid both, be in the middle. In the middle is #balance." - #Osho (The Dhamnapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 9) #internationalyogaday #solstice #toestand #padangusthasana #meditation #visitrio #visitbrasil #pedradotelegrafo #yoga #yogi #asdt #radgirlslife

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4. Hawaii


Worth every slip and slide down the hill ???? #kauailife #internationalyogaday #backpackyogi

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5. Thailand 


.happy yoga day, yogis. ???? #internationalyogaday #risehotyoga #namaste ??: @tfoiles

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6. India 

7. International waters

8. New Jersey

9. Germany

10. Colorado


Happy #internationalyogaday my lovelies. ???? ::: How are you moving your body for fun today?

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11. Honduras

12. Italy

13. California

14. Portugal


Happy international yoga day! Somehow I've been having a hard time to maintain my practice ever since I came to Lisbon... but today I rolled out my mat and got my booty on there and wow, I'm feeling so light and positive. Over seven years of practice and yoga still never fails to amaze me. Can't wait to reunite with my Indigo tribe in July. Missing you guys! . This picture is a throwback to the Maldives last summer... The only time when it wasn't too hot to do yoga on the beach was at 6AM when the sun was rising. ?? Definitely a challenge for somebody who has a hard time waking up early. But it was so worth it. . Shoutout to my neighbors who are smudging with Palo Santo at this very moment! Thank you for this wonderful smell that reminds me of home. ?? . Namaste. ???? . #yoga #internationalyogaday #downdog #woof #maldives #indianocean #beach #sunrise #gratitude #oneoeight #indigoyogaberlin

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Now, who's ready to namaste?

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