Dogs Take Over Their Owners' Offices On Take Your Dog To Work Day

Dogs are great to have in the workplace. In celebration of Take Your Dog To Work Day, here are some great pictures of owners showing off their pooches hard at work.

Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day (because now every day of the year has a designated holiday). While there are plenty of odd annual celebrations, this is one we can seriously get behind, and it's not just because dogs are adorable. They actually help boost productivity.

Some of our nation's most well-known companies (we're looking at you, Google) are implanting policies that allow employees to bring their furry friends to the office with them. It makes sense for everyone involved as it’s been proven that owning and being around a pet can relieve stress, improve physical health, and promote a positive mood. Incidentally, those three factors are also important when it comes to a positive work environment.

Staring at a computer all day is fun, don't get us wrong, but having the opportunity to take a puppy out for a walk gives employees time to step away from their desk, refocus, and get a little exercise. If workers are able to stay focused and energized, a boost in productivity follows.

Here are some hard facts to actually back all of this up. According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturers, 70 million Americans believe having pets in the workplace reduces stress, and 46 million believe having pets in the workplace creates a more productive work environment. 

In honor of this wonderful holiday, we've found a few adorable pictures of pooches hanging with their owners in their workspace. You know, just in case you didn't get to have a puppy at your desk today.


Monday's, #amiright #muttmonday

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No casual Fridays here. #officepup #casualfriday @animalsinbowties #bowtie #shibastyle #shibainu

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The Quality Assurance Officer says your order is ready for pick up! Office life is ruff!

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When you just need that little extra kick of caffeine to help you get through a Friday! ??

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Figaro (@rmaynard23 ) takes his work very seriously ??#workingdog #officepup #instadog

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When you sit at your desk just staring out the window wishing it was Sunday and not Monday #mondayblues

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I'm sure it really stinks getting left at home while all your favorite people go off to some mystery location, perhaps never to return. At least there's one day a year when dogs get their chance to see where their human goes all day.  

Did you get to bring your pup to work today?

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user John O'Nolan

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