Do You Think These Top 10 Puns Are… Punny?

William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde would’ve probably laughed out loud at the kind of puns that have been coming about lately.

For the word play joker, it’s a moment of pure glee when something humorous comes out of a mix of words that can have more than one meaning.

And while some will accuse punsters of a dorky sense of humor, you can’t deny the popularity that comes from puns – obviously, since they’re so punny!

Without further ado, (and sadly without the Bard himself), here are a few lines guaranteed to tickle your funny bone:

1) World peace. One day, a pea said “you might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”


2) Van Gogh, what a speed racer you would’ve been: 


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3) We bet you’ve never seen Moscow like this:


4) These potatoes were doing it before Twitter was cool:


5) What a drama-queen!  


6) Speaking of drama-queens, stay away from this Taco: 


7) If any spicy food enthusiasts bother you, tell them to mind their own business:


8) What did the cactus say to the melon?

Nice Melons


9) Self-deprecating bunny, anyone? 



10) When wisdom and humor cross paths:

How to make a salad


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