World’s Toughest Military Training Regimes Will Leave You Awestruck

Take a look at the intense training programs soldiers go through to prepare for the physical and psychological rigors of the battlefield.

Militaries all around the world put their service members through extensive and extremely rigorous drills to prepare them for the horrors they might face on the battlefield – and some go to extremes.

Take a look at some of the most intense military training programs from around the world.

Taiwan Marine Cops

Taiwan Marine Corps

To pass the final stage of a nine-week Amphibious Training Program, trainees in Taiwan’s Marine Cops have to crawl on a 150-foot path of jagged coral and rocks on their bellies.

China’s Paramilitary Police

Paramilitary Police

Along with hand-to-hand combat skill training sessions, the paramilitary policemen in mainland China have to crawl under fire obstacles during the drill.

China’s Paramilitary Snipers

Paramilitary Snipers

Paramilitary snipers in China are required to dunk their heads in basins of water. The members have to hold their breath underwater for as long as they can as part of a psychological drill.

The United States Marines

us marine corps

As a part of the jungle survival exercise, U.S. Marines have to excel in various tough tasks, which includes drinking cobra’s blood. The photo posted above features a Marine during “Cobra Gold 2013” – a joint exercise with Thai Navy.

South Korean Special Welfare Force

South Korean Special Welfare Force

Members of the South Korean Special Warfare Forces have to complete their winter training sessions in frozen waters.

Shiite Fighters In Iraq

Shiites Fighters In Iraq

Shiite fighters in the Iraqi army waging war against the Islamic State take part in a series of rigorous exercises including close quarter, knife-wielding combats and tough field trainings in deserts.

Palestinian Militants

Palestinian Militants

In Gaza, militants taking part in the anti-Israel military drill have to jump down from bridges and cliffs as part of their trainings. The photo posted above features Palestinian militants from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades – the armed wing of Fatah movement.

Kurdish People’s Protection Unit

kurdish militants

The members of the Kurdish People's Protection Units have to make their way across a fire loop while hanging from monkey bars as a part of their annual drill.

Chinese Soldiers

Chinese Soldiers

Soldiers in Chinese army are required to complete their winter drills in temperatures as low as -22 F.

Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force

Japanese Ground Self Defense Force

As a part of their annual training session, soldiers from Japanese Ground Self Defense Force have to hang on by a rope from cargo helicopters.

The United States Army

U.S. Army soldiers have to jump off the ramp of fighter jets and helicopters during the water training drill. The picture posted above features a soldier from 10th Special Forces Group jumping off with his military working dog as a part of exercise Emerald Warrior.

Red Beret Unit

Red Beret Unit

Servicemen in Belarus have to pass a number of hard tests – including walking on a rod while the instructor fires below their feet – before being awarded entry to the country's elite “Red Beret” unit.

Belarusian Soldiers

Belarusian Soldiers

As for other Belarusian soldiers, they have to break flaming concrete slabs with their heads for their annual display of skills.

Operation Atlantic Resolve

Opertation Atlantic Resolve

Canadian soldiers deployed in Latvia for NATO's Operation Atlantic Resolve have to partake in an ice plunge training during joint military exercises. As evident from its name, the drill takes place in extremely cold weather.

Israeli Soldiers

Israeli soldiers have to complete a 43-mile march to complete their advanced training, at the end of which they receive their brown beret.

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