Trump Supporters Are Bent On Banning The Budweiser Ad

Team Trump can't handle immigrants. Not even the white ones.

Budweiser recently released its annually anticipated Super Bowl ad, and the timing couldn't be better.

It's about the glory of immigrants to the American story.

The ad follows a young white man from Germany who came to America to brew beer. In the Land of the Free, he was naturally jostled by angry men who told him to "go back." But the guy persevered, and ended up founding America's favorite beer, Budweiser.

The commercial comes at an interesting time. The executive order from President Donald Trump last week barred citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the USA. At a time when the administration is hostile toward immigrants, everyone recognized the ad for what it is.



Trump supporters, however, are not impressed.



There were some not-so-subtle insults directed towards the brand.


Trump's troops of haters are now bent on banning the brand.



This is the second time this year that Trump supporters have called for a ban. Previously, it was against Starbucks for promising to hire 10,000 refugees after Trump's travel ban.


In response, legions promised to head out to Starbucks immediately for their latte fix. Meanwhile, progressive boycotts against companies who tacitly support Trump's racist policies is working. Just ask Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick — or even Ivanka Trump herself. #GrabYourWallet and grab yourself some Buds.

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