Miami Is The Worst City In The United States

Miami has been listed as the worst city to live in the United States due to its high poverty levels, low income levels and extremely expensive housing.

When relocating to a new state or city, people's first thoughts are naturally what it will be like to live there. They think about their changes of getting a good job, the crime rate, the area’s culture and the climate.

Of all of these things, income levels play an important role in determining where most people will choose to live. You want to make sure you're moving to a place where you'll be comfortable.

Wage inequality is a hot debate all over the world, but can you imagine a city where the top 1 percent makes 45 times the salary of the other 99 percent's average salary? Welcome to Miami. 

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Yes, you got that right. A report released by 24/7 Wall Street reveals the 50 worst cities to live in. The report takes into account 550 cities throughout the U.S. and studied various factors such as crime, demographics, economy, education, environment, health, housing, infrastructure and leisure.

Miami tops the list of the worst cities to live in. One percent of the population in the city in Florida is extremely rich, hauling in an average of $2 million annually. That's 45 times what the rest of the city makes on average, creating the one of the nation's most significant income gaps.

That huge gap is exacerbated by Miami's ridiculously expensive housing market. Crime rates here are also on the rise, and around 1,060 incidents take place per 100,000 people.

All combined, that led 24/7 Wall Street to name Miami as the worst city to live in America.

Second on the list was Detroit, Michigan, with a poverty rate of 39.3 percent and only 13.8 percent of its people with a bachelor’s degree, signaling low levels of education.

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This was followed by Paterson, New Jersey; Hawthorne, California; Fall River, Massachusetts; and Birmingham, Alabama.

If you're looking for the best of the worst, move to Bellingham, Washington, which came in at No. 50 on the list.

Overall, with rising inflation rates and the number of criminal and terrorist activities taking place around the world, even some of the safest places have now become difficult to live in. But since life must move on regardless, we all might as well pick a city with great jobs, decent pay and low crime if we can.

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