Brokenhearted Dog Sulks After Owner Accidentally Breaks Frisbee

One little dog learns the hard way what it is like to see your favorite thing broken by the hands of the person you most trusted.

It really sucks when your favorite things are broken. A little dog learned this lesson the hard way after his owner accidently broke his toy, leaving him miserable.

A video of Thor, a German Shepherd/ Great Dane mix dog, has emerged on the internet, making him an instant hit online.

The canine was apparently in the middle of playing fetch with his owner Madeline Paige Bruener, a resident of Naples in Florida. The footage shows the dog bring his favorite yellow Frisbee back to his owner, but when Bruener takes hold of the yellow disk, it accidently snaps in two.

You can see the exact moment when the poor dog’s heart breaks, as he takes his broken half of the Frisbee to a corner and sits down for a long, hard sulk.

“Oooh! I'm sorry!” Bruener is heard saying in the background.

To be fair to the owner, the Frisbee already looked like it had a big crack in the middle and would have likely flown its last flight soon after.

But that was no consolation to Thor, who had hidden his face in the sofa cushions.

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Broken-Hearted Dog

The dog also guilt-tripped his owner by bringing all his toys and laying them out at his owner’s feet — but was not in the mood to play with any of them.

However his tactic worked as soon after, as Bruener, consumed by guilt, went to the nearest toy shop and bought him a Frisbee exactly like the old one.

Although at first Thor pretended he was not interested in the new toy, he soon came to love the yellow flying disk.

“He loves his new Frisbee everyone,” the owner wrote on Facebook. “Thank you so much for all your spirits!”

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