What Does The Way You Sit Say About You?

Body posture and how we really carry ourselves tells everything about us!

Body posture and how we really carry ourselves tells everything about us!

Body language is quite literally a complete form of non-verbal communication. Form squinting your eyes to how you plop yourself down on the couch are all dead giveaways to what kind of a person you are, what you may be feeling or thinking as well as what your next action may be.

Just the way we sit and what it means for example is a dead giveaway of many things.

So here are what how you sit says about you:

sitting pose

Sitting with your legs intertwined and all twisted shows insecurity and nervousness. It is better instead cross at the ankles.

sitting pose

For men, unless it is a deep lounging seat, should lean against the back and put a hand or an elbow on the arm.

Legs crossed, foot kicking slightly means you are bored or impatient. If you are a junior sitting in front of a senior then ideally you should not cross your legs.

Sitting with legs wide open showsarrogance, combativeness and sexual posturing.

A complete no-no would be ankle resting on the opposite knee in a wide four. It reflects arrogance and power.

With your hands clasped behind your head and legs crossed you exude confidence and superiority

Sitting legs apart with thighs joined at the knee shows nervousness

Legs apart, hands on knees, body at ease, the posture exudes a confident yet relaxed look.

This sitting pose simply exudes the fact that the person is comfortable on his own.

While this gentleman may be feeling at ease and relaxed and enjoying his devil-may-care attitude, this posture doesn’t just show complete disregard of the norm, but a bad back in the near future as well!

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