Servers Get The Last Word Over Annoying Customers

Frustrated waiters, baristas and bartenders can do a lot more than make you wait longer for your food. They can potentially ruin your day.

Annoying Customers

One of the most important things to remember while eating out is to be nice to your server, no matter how bad of a day you’re having. After all, these people are in charge of more than just brining your order to the table — they can not only tamper with the food in a number of disturbing and possibly unhygienic ways, but also have full liberty to ruin an Instagram-worthy dish.

Here a few examples:

No More Logo:

A Starbucks barista recently made headlines for coming up with a new way to troll highly annoying customers aka social media obsessed teenagers. Going by the handle bemyfuse on Reddit, the employee admitted she purposefully ruins Instagram photos of drinks by slapping a sticky order labels over the chain's logo.

“My petty joy is putting stickers on the siren logo when annoying teenagers order millions of fraps at once so their Instagram posts are ruined ¯_(?)_/¯ it's the little things,” she wrote online.


While misspelled names are already harsh on trendy coffee drinkers, covering up the only Starbucks logo with a boring informational white sticker is just cruel.


The Beyoncé Incident:

Earlier this year, a Vine user Jen Nubian, known as Jewish Jen online, decided to tell a Starbucks barista that her name was Beyoncé. She probably thought it was a good prank, but had no idea she was messing with the wrong person.

“This is what she gave me,” Nubian said in a post captioned “touché #thatbackfired.”


The drink came back with “U Wish” written on it.

“Being the only person in line, I figured it was my moment to be all I can BE(yoncé),” she told Mashable in an email. “Beyoncé was the first name that came to mind because she never leaves anyone's mind. Everyone wants to be Beyoncé. Me. You. Michelle Williams.”

Drive-Thru Prank Backfired:

Not too long ago, a pair of American pranksters drew internet’s attention after posting online a video of a prank that had backfired immensely.

The footage, which went viral immediately, showed the men approach a McDonald’s drive-thru in their SUV and order a Coke. Once the employee, a young girl, prepares to collect the cash and hand them their drink, they honk the horn, fashioned to sound like a train beep, making her jump in fright.

However, instead of giving the juvenile pranksters their order, the girl retaliated in the best way possible.

“You’re not going to get your drink, go!” she said, before throwing the large Coke at the men, soaking their clothes and the inside of the car. She then slammed shut the window.

“That's what happens when you prank,” one of the men can be heard saying the clip, while the other claimed, “This might be the beginning of this prank.”

Well, not really. No.

Senior Citizen Discount:

A former Chili’s employee named Brenda Hubka told The Denver Post how she extracted revenge on a rude customer who had come in to dine with her daughter and son-in law.

“The mother was short with me and would not give me any eye contact,” Hubka recalled. “I don’t remember exactly what she was saying, but her daughter scolded her for being rude to me. To which the mother said, ‘She’s just a waitress!’”

Restaurant Servers Baristas

The server, reeling with anger, waited until the customers were done with their meal before putting the woman in her place. She brought the bill to their table and gave the annoying customer, who appeared to be in her mid-40s, a senior citizen’s discount.

“She made a furious grunt at me! She couldn’t be over 50, and she was angry!” Hubta told the newspaper. “And me in trouble? No. After all, who would complain that I gave them a discount on their bill? It was the best payback ever.”

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