A Very Discriminatory Dating Site In A Very White State

This bigoted white American dating website frowns upon homosexuality but is perfectly OK with people who want to cheat on their spouse.

Apparently, it is quite challenging for white people to meet and date others of their race in Utah, a state with an 86 percent population of the fair-complexioned.

Why else, then, would someone create  a dating site exclusively for white people? At “Where White People Meet,” anyone who is over the age of 18, can find their sweetheart for a paltry $4 — provided, as the name suggests, they are white.

A billboard advertising the outrageous website has shocked observers, who call it racist.

The owners, however, claim it is not prejudiced and is, in fact, open to all races and color— despite the name of the website suggesting otherwise.
Meet Utah Dating Website

Another bigoted twist to the website is that although it does not allow subscribers to look for same-sex partners, it has no issues with providing opportunities for infidelity to adulterous individuals.

One member, whose profile was subsequently removed on Thursday, was identified as “married.” While the dating site has taken measures to ensure that no homosexual pairing occurs, it has taken no such precautions when it comes to filtering out cheating spouses.

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Another bizarre aspect is that it is based and advertised in Utah, which, as mentioned before, consists of a huge white majority. Twitter users have posted hilarious comments in response to this ridiculous idea.

Initially, the website only had 35 profiles on site, but thanks to this new advertising plan, they now have enough traffic to overload their servers.

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