Why Are So Many People Quitting Their Jobs?

A new survey from Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) suggests that more people than ever are quitting their jobs—what could be causing this new trend?

A new survey shows that more people than ever are quitting their jobs—what could be causing this new trend?

Business Insider reports, “The latest monthly ‘Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey’ (JOLTS) showed that in December, the total number of quits was 3.1 million, the highest level in a decade, while the quits rate was 2.1 percent, the highest since April 2008.”

Akin Oyedele of The Business Insider points out that for those of us sticking with the jobs we have, this is great news for wages as it could suggest that people are receiving better-paying opportunities elsewhere.


But why is this happening?

One theory that seems fairly popular (particularly for Oyedele) is that people are confident that they can easily find more work in the current job market. As unemployment seems to steadily decrease, people discover that they are more able to find jobs that they truly want and crave rather than settling with a job they hate.

There is one more theory, however, and it has to do with a trend on social media that has gotten a lot of attention.

You may have seen them two or three times before (or maybe even a dozen times)—they’re those amazing adventure videos, usually featuring some attractive 20-something boasting about quitting their successful job to travel the world.

Nearly every single adventure video that makes a trending list gives the same crucial advice: just do it. Just save up some money, quit your job, and book your flight.

Could this popular “Eat, Pray, Love” trend be inadvertently encouraging so many people to up and leave their jobs and travel?

It is one theory. And it’s a pretty convincing one considering how amazing some of these videos are. Check out some of them below: 

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