Woman Turns Grandpa’s Grumpy Quirks Into Hilarious Game Of Bingo

A woman made her family holiday gathering more interesting by creating a bingo card made up of all her grandfather’s strange habits and quirks.

Although the holidays are considered a time for family to come together for food and merriment, these gatherings can also be unfortunate reminders of all the things that drive you crazy about certain relatives.

One very clever granddaughter chose to make light of her grandfather’s frustrating quirks by creating a bingo card out of them.

The woman shared a photo of her “Grandpa Bingo” on Reddit under the title, “Had to make Christmas interesting somehow…”

That she did.

Had to make Christmas interesting somehow... from funny

She included some of his favorite words and phrases, such as “Gizmo,” his affinity for interrupting people, and the disheartening fact that he is racist.

Since her grandpa isn’t likely to improve upon any of these character flaws, she had to find a way to make being in his presence more bearable, which we all can probably relate to.

Other Redditors commented about their own holiday run-ins with grumpy grandpas, many of which are just as hilarious and bizarre.

Cpqarray recounted,

“When I was 19 I was in the Army, I went home for Christmas to visit my family. I hadn’t seen my grandfather in many years, he asked if I liked the Army and I said it was OK. Then he said, ‘The blacks in the military aren’t all that bad, but you have to watch out for those Puerto Ricans.’ That was the last conversation we ever had. He died a few years later. To this day I have no idea where that comment come(sic) from.”

Commenter im_twelve_ said of her grandfather,

“Christmas family photos are always an hour long affair. He can't figure out the timer on his digital camera, but he has finally figured out how to review the pics after taking them. So he finally gets one, then decides someone wasn't smiling genuinely enough, so we have to take 30 more. Oh, family...”

Mikeneddie offered a few suggested spaces to add to the bingo card from his personal experience, including “Needs you to show him how to do something on his phone (only to forget two seconds later.) When are you going to settle down? (I have been married for 24 years) and “Batteries these days are sh** (puts Kirkland batteries into his digital camera)”

Needless to say, none of us are alone in our feelings of anxiety and embarrassment while around older relatives whose ways of thinking may be trapped in a previous era.

At least there are those who can find humor in it all and share that with the rest of us, as this Redditor did with her brilliant bingo card. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr user Shayan (USA)

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