Woman’s Lie To Get Out Of Bad Date Backfires Big Time

A Massachusetts woman tried to lie to get out of her bad blind date but the situation spiraled out of control and became a matter for the police to sort out.


A Massachusetts woman needed to get out of a bad blind date, so she went with the age–old “trick” of pretending to feel sick so she could go home.

While this little white lie has been known to work like a charm for women and men alike, it backfired big time for her.

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Upon the woman announcing her illness, police were called and responded to the site where she and her date were out hiking.

The cops learned after questioning that the woman wasn’t ill at all and was just trying to execute a believable excuse to abandon her date.

It is unclear whether or not the woman called the cops herself or if her date was so concerned about her wellbeing that he called for her. The latter would be ideal, otherwise she would be a disturbingly thorough actress to involve the police in her scheme.

Author and editor, Alexander Chee, tweeted a photo of the report from an Amherst, Massachusetts newspaper and rightfully deemed it “the greatest crime blotter item.”

Hopefully the woman has learned the very valuable lesson that honesty is the best policy because small lies can escalate very quickly. 


Banner Photo Credit: Pixabay/Foundry Co.

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