Women Are Quitting Their Jobs — But Not For The Reason You Think

A recent study found that motherhood isn't the top reason women quit their jobs. Their values are actually closely aligned with their male counterparts.

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As paid family leave has become a hot button topic in mainstream media, one might think that issue would be the number one reason why women are quitting their jobs. However, new research indicates otherwise.

The top reason women around the age of 30 leave their jobs is because they found a new one with better pay, according to findings from a study that surveyed executives and female employees from seven different companies who were five to 10 years out of college.

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Work pressures and motherhood are most commonly believed to be the reasons women quit their jobs but in actuality, women leave for very similar reasons as men do. Starting a family actually ranked at the very bottom of the list for why women quit.

“Motherhood is not the primary reason women around 30 are leaving organizations,” the authors of the report write. “Focus on what matters most: Pay women fairly, challenge them with learning and development opportunities, and provide them with meaningful work.”

The results from the study relate directly to the heavily debated “gender pay gap” which describes the statistic that for every dollar a man makes, a woman gets 78 cents.

While people work to pursue passions, give back to their communities, and other self-fulfilling reasons; everyone also works for money. Women and men alike want to feel that there is a fair balance between the work they are doing and the amount they get paid for it. Higher pay is always a strong incentive to ditch one gig for another.

This means, employers need to pay more attention to their female employees and closing that pay gap within their companies. Regardless of how flexible the hours are or how well all the employees get along with one another, if the pay is poor … she’s walking out the door. 

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