Watch the World's Largest Elevator Carry Ships Over A Dam

Just a 40-minute, yet mind-blowing ride up and down China's 600-foot Three Gorges Dam's wall.

China's Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest hydropower project, world's most notorious dam and now home to what is probably the world's largest elevator.

Blocking the normal route along the massive Yangtze River, engineers have found a unique way to accommodate shipping containers and passenger ferries up and down the 600-foot Three Gorges Dam's wall.

The recently opened vertical-hoisting elevator, which itself weighs around 15,500 tons, can lift entire ships and freighters and carry them to the other side. It carries ships, with a maximum displacement of about 3,000 tons, across the dam. 

It is expected to increase the shipping capacity of the dam by 5.4 million tons of goods every year. The elevator carries the ships upwards or downwards to pass the dam. It previously took ships over three hours to navigate and get through the dam. The elevator reduces that to just 40 minutes.

Check out the wild ride in the video above.

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