Body Positivity Study Reveals Stark Difference Between Men And Women

A person’s self-esteem can rely heavily on the way they look, but only one gender shows confidence in themselves.

We're in the middle of a body positive revolution, where the message is to love yourself regardless of what you look like.

However, new research finds that women often have lower body self-esteem as compared to men and are generally more conscious about their looks than an average male.

A Yahoo Health survey conducted on body image and acceptance revealed it takes females half their lives to achieve just half the body self-esteem of an average male at a certain point in time.

The insightful survey was conducted online using a nationally representative sample of 2,000 people between the ages of 13 and 64.

The results were rather significant as analysis depicted that around 70 percent males tend to be either body positive (love their body) or body neutral (OK with their body).

In sheer contrast though, results revealed that 66 percent of teenage girls are usually body negative (dissatisfied with their body) or body ambivalent (have a love/hate relationship with their body).

Studying the results in greater detail, it was found that only one in seven American said they were body positive and a greater number of these people were men. Moreover, teenage males were found to be 3.5 times more body positive than their female counterparts.

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Looking into the reasons for such a stark difference in the findings, body image expert Sari Shepphird, has identified that most of it has to do with our culture. “Within our culture, it's fair game now to comment on a woman’s weight, regardless of her age,” she said.

An overweight or dark skinned man will often be overlooked but a woman with similar physical features is often considered ugly and body-shamed in the society. Girls often get bullied at school for not being good looking and the fact that societies generally promote the idea of tall, light-skinned as attractive  is enough reason for women to be conscious of their looks.

Fortunately, things seem to be taking a positive turn, as several body positivity campaigns and modern ads featuring minorities and the disabled and overweight send out the message that every individual is equal regardless of what they look like.

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