Did You Know The Carts At The Supermarket Could Be A Germ Magnet?

Cleansing wipe dispensers have been appearing at grocery chains, and that's because your shopping cart could be full of germs, according to a recent report.

Close-up of rows of Kmart shopping carts

You’ve seen those antibacterial wipes at the grocery store, right? You are not going to want to pass them up next time you go food shopping.

According to the “Germs at the Grocery Store” report from Reuse This Bag, many surfaces at your local supermarket can be filled with germs. The researchers divvied up American grocery retailers in four different groups that consisted of traditional grocery stores, budget retailers, superstores, and upscale markets.

After taking a deeper look at the grocery cart handles by swabbing them, the results are unappetizing, and you will be shocked at the findings. 

Traditional stores had the most germ-ridden carts of them all. Meanwhile, the more upscale stores weren't as bad. In the traditional stores, more colony-forming units of germs were found than the average bathroom surface, hundreds actually! Now that's disgusting. 

This is significant news for most people, because according to the Food Market Institute, around 85 percent of Americans who shop do so at traditional stores like ShopRite, Safeway, or Ralph's.

We'll certainly be grabbing a wipe to clean down our cart on the next shopping trip. 

While the other types of stores performed better, most of them were still found to have loads of germs on their shopping carts.

While we certainly can't completely avoid going to the grocery store, we can make the experience a bit more sanitary by wiping down the shopping carts before loading them with groceries.

If your local store doesn't carry antibacterial wipes, then bring your own. For all the "germophobes" out there, you can even bring your own snap-on cart handles.

One thing is certain: In order to stay healthy this upcoming flu season, you must clean your shopping carts, people. 

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