Little Girl Rescued From Debris 17 Hours After Earthquake In Italy

Initially, only the youngster’s dust-covered legs could be seen, but when rescuers dug through the rubble, they fortunately found her alive.

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck near Norcia in Umbria, central Italy, on Wednesday, leaving at least 250 people dead. Many people are still missing, and the death toll continues to rise as a number of people remain trapped under debris of collapsed buildings.

earthquake in Pescara

destroyed car

Amatrice and Accumoli are the two towns worst affected by the calamity and rescue services are being conducted in full force. Footage obtained from the disaster struck town of Pescara del Tronto showed the dramatic moment a 10-year-old girl was found alive from under rubble.

Rescuers had been moving stones and debris off her and were ecstatic to find her alive. “You can hear something under here. Quiet, quiet,” one man had said just a few moments before she was retrieved.

Onlookers that surrounded the scene clapped as the little girl was carried out by a rescuer. Apparently, she had spent 17 hours lying upside down under the debris of a collapsed building but fortunately didn’t seem to have received any major injuries. The 10-year-old was then rushed off to the hospital to be checked out.

It’s been 24 hours since the earthquake struck Italy, and although rescue operations are still in process, the chances of finding more people alive will significantly reduce as time passes. Many of the people found buried under collapsed buildings are children, and although screams can be heard from the destruction, 90 percent have been found dead by the time rescuers dig them out. In sheer desperation, relatives can be seen frantically digging through remains in search for their loved ones, moving rocks and cement with their bare hands.


earthquake in Amatrice

rescued alive

The situation in the affected Italian towns is, needless to say, absolutely heartbreaking and many families are racing against time to save those they love most.

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