11-Year-Old Sneaks Past Security And Onto A Flight Without Ticket

An unaccompanied 11-year-old girl decided to go to the airport after school and hop onto a flight since she had never flown before — because, why not?

A young girl bypassed security checks at the Moscow Vnukovo airport and took a flight to St. Petersburg. Interestingly, she did all of the above despite the fact that she carried no photo ID, ticket or passport.

The 11-year-old child had just finished her classes and decided she wanted to grab a flight since she had never had the experience before. Blending in with large families and crowds at the airport, the unnamed youngster wangled through barriers before finally boarding a plane.

Surprisingly, even though she told a flight attendant she was traveling by herself, no one asked her for any documents.

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As the plane reached the Pulkovo airport, the girl made her way to the arrival hall, where her parents contacted her via mobile phone. She was then handed over to child services by the airport management, who had been tracking her down.

While the airports and Rossiya airlines are now being questioned regarding their security and its effectiveness, the child’s parents have also come under fire for negligence and may face a fine.

The incident brings one issue into stark light: security measures. If a little child could sneak through the various stages of boarding a flight, how difficult is it for a person with not-so-good intentions to do so? It is vital that the airports in question tighten up their safety measures in order to prevent such instances occurring in the future, or else the next incident could have grave consequences. 

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