11-Year-Old Attacks Man Who Tried Stealing Dad’s Car With Him Inside

The boy’s father had left him inside the running car while he went into a McDonald’s in Hartford, Connecticut, and a carjacker jumped in and drove off.

An 11-year-old boy thwarted his own kidnapping and the theft of his father’s car over the weekend.

On Saturday morning at a McDonald’s in Hartford, Connecticut, a stranger jumped into the father’s car and drove off with the young boy still inside, NBC News reports. The boy’s father had left him inside the running car while he went into the restaurant.

The person who got into the driver’s seat, however, was not the boy’s father. Instead, 44-year-old Edward Asberry was operating the vehicle. The child quickly sprang into action, attacking Asberry until he stopped the car and fled.

Before ditching the scene, Asberry grabbed a backpack that was inside the car. However, thanks to witnesses who were able to help authorities identify the suspect, Asberry was located and arrested soon after the ordeal.

“Many citizen witnesses assisted with information to include the suspect’s name, description, and direction of travel,” police said. “There were no injuries. Excellent job by patrol.”

While it’s likely that Asberry wasn’t, initially, aware that the child was inside the car, he now faces charges of kidnapping and risk of injury to a minor in addition to larceny.

Although the unnamed boy's bravery and courage should be applauded, his father's parenting fail should not go unnoticed. It was a terrible idea to leave his young son unattended in a running vehicle in the first place.

It doesn't matter how quick you think your errand will be, it only takes a split second for tragedy to strike. If the boy had been hurt, taken, or killed, the father would, ultimately, have no one to blame but himself. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Pixabay, TheDigitalWay

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