12-Year-Old Boy Threatens Classmate With A Gun For Chicken Nuggets

This young boy’s craving for chicken nuggets got the best of him, so much so that he put a gun to his classmate’s head.

A 12-year-old student went to great lengths to acquire a chicken nugget from his classmate — and still failed.

A Harlem pre-teen boy, who apparently had a craving for a McNugget, approached his 13-year-old classmate in a McDonald’s on E. 103rd St. and Third Ave., where the young girl was ordering some nuggets, according to a police report. He then asked her to share his food but the girl refused — after all, who shares McNuggets!

Undeterred but angry, the boy followed her to a Manhattan subway station, where he pulled a gun, pointed it at her head and again asked her for the finger food. Undaunted, the girl smacked away his gun, told the boy to leave her alone and then boarded the train.

The boy followed her but did not harass his schoolmate anymore. Instead, according to police reports, the girl said he took out his gun and showed it off to his friend who was also on the train.

After the girl reported the incident to school officials the next day, the young boy was arrested on a charge of attempted armed robbery. The weapon was not found in the student’s custody but the case was filed to Family Court for further action.

The names of the two children were not disclosed because they are minors.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Shannon Stapleton

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