This 12-Year-Old Girl With Rare Disease Has An Unlikely Best Friend

330lb Dave ‘The Beast’ Douglas is a giant of a man, an ex-marine and a weight lifter- and has a heart bigger than he is.

12-year-old Lindsay Ratcliffe has a rare genetic disease called progeria that ages people eight to ten times faster than normal.

Douglas met Lindsay at Relentless, a power lifting event sponsored by ‘HopeKids’ to benefit children with rare diseases.

He remembers their first meeting when she came running towards him. "She gave me a little bracelet to wear that she made for me. She went on to tell me that she watched all my videos on YouTube, and she was a fan," he says. "That humbled me. Someone in her position, going through so much stuff to have time to look at my stuff on YouTube."

Ther was no looking back- the two became the best of friends and he calls her his ‘lil sis.’







The feeling of love is mutual. Lindsay flew out to California when she heard Douglas was undergoing surgery for a torn bicep.

He was a marine who began lifting weights as a way to relieve stress but he was so good at it his gunnery sergeant invited him to participate in one of the weight-lifting competitions between military bases. There was no looking back. His de-stressing ritual soon became a passion that grew in to a lifestyle and ‘The Beast’ was born.

But The Beast has a heart of gold- Lindsay isn’t the only little one he calls a friend- though no one else may be as special to him.

He is the favorite of many kids with special needs and he is never too busy for them.


can't get enough of this picture! She has no idea how much she does for the people around her. Inspiring grown adults everywhere she smiles..

Posted by David Douglas on  Monday, 7 March 2016



One of our Relentless Detroit/Minnesota received her wings today and is now in heaven. Please say a prayer for Mollie's family and friends.

Posted by David Douglas on  Wednesday, 11 February 2015



PLEASE PRAY for Amber and her family! She currently just got rushed to the hospital! The family needs all the love and support they can get. She is not in the best of situations right now.

Posted by David Douglas on  Saturday, 6 December 2014


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