Driving A Car Without A License Is No Big Deal In France

If you are crossing a road in France, beware - 14-year-old kids without a license or adult supervision are allowed to drive a car there.


In France, driving a car with no license is nothing that will land you ing trouble. In fact, you can even get your own ride before you're legally licensed.

The VSP, voiture sans permis, (that literally means car without license) has a speed limit of just 28 mph, and anyone who is 14 years old or older can take it out for a spin.

The two-seater many though would be quickly banned still exists and is running strong with the aging populace. Most of these cars have seen much better days, but nowadays, the VSPs spotted on the roads in France are battered, peeling and ill-maintained. Many are passed down hand-to-hand, often to owners who don’t have a license.

The small vehicle is a cause of concern for many people, especially pedestrians. There is a dispute that people who have lost their licenses to speeding or negligent driving can easily buy the VSP and compromise safety of others. The counter-argument is that a lot of people without a car permit still drive and this small two-seater is a much safer option than the high-powered alternative.

This is quite odd if you consider France’s driving policies with that of Australia’s. In early 2015, the Australian government was considering a plan for cyclists to take out a license. Duncan Gay, the NSW Roads minister, announced an immediate need for a licensing system to prohibit bicyclists from breaking the law.

Although one can argue that bicycles cannot cause much harm other than to the riders themselves, the same does not hold true for an automobile, regardless of how slow it is.

There is a new generation of VSPs equipped with modern technology selling in France for ten thousand grands aimed at adolescents. The owner cannot take the vehicle to motorways but he also does not have to sit for any kind of practical exam before hitting the road.

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