14-Year-Old Lucky To Be Alive After Attempting Dangerous Viral Prank

WARNING! This story contains graphic images and text. The notoriously viral "duct tape challenge" just went too far.

Skylar Fish, a 14-year-old boy from Renton, Washington, has suffered serious injuries after falling and hitting his head while attempting the viral "duct tape challenge."

According to Skylar, he is lucky to be alive.

The teen and his friends were pulling off the challenge, in which a person is bound with duct tape to something like a wall or a chair and tries to break free with other people filming them. This isn’t the first time Skylar and his friends took up the challenge. However, this time they weren’t lucky enough to escape unscathed from the foolish prank.

Skylar lost his balance while trying to break free from the adhesive tape and fell, slamming his face into a metal window frame. His fall injured his left eye socket and caused a brain aneurysm as well.

He was lucky that his panicked friends called 911 and he was rushed to Harborview Medical Center, where he ended up with 48 stitches from ear to ear.

"When I think about it, it seems like I was hit by a car," Skylar told KIRO7.

Skylar was transferred to Children's Hospital, where he will spend the next few weeks re-learning how to perform basic everyday tasks as part of an inpatient rehabilitation program.

His doctors aren't sure if he will ever regain sight in his damaged eye.

Unfortunately there are thousands of videos of the duct tape challenge and similarly dangerous challenges online with countless youngsters willing to carry them out.

Skylar learned a painful, perhaps permanent, lesson and now wants to create awareness in others with the help of his mother.

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