15-Year-Old Boy Armed With Toy Gun Gets Shot By Police

A teenage boy armed with a replica gun gets shot several times by a police officer and was later taken in for psychiatric evaluation for being suicidal.

Police officers in Santa Rosa, California respond to a person with a faux armed weapon in a serious manner.

A Santa Rosa police officer opened fired on a 15-year-old teenage boy who was armed with a toy handgun on Monday night.

An unidentified person called police and told them that the teenager was holding a gun and standing by himself under a streetlight on Coffey Lane near the park in Northwest Santa Rosa, according to CBS Local News.

The teenage boy was told to get down on the ground by an officer, in which the teen listened but then suddenly rose up and pointed the replica gun at the police officer.

Feeling threatened for his life, the police officer shot the armed boy several times, resulting in the teenager having a wound on his left foot.

The teenager was then taken to a local hospital in which the police officers were later informed that the boy was suicidal.

Investigators found a suicidal note written by the boy in which he discussed with them that he wanted the police officers to shoot him after he started the violent occurrence of pointing a gun at the officer.

Police investigators also learned later that the 15-year-old armed suspect himself was in fact the person who called 911 and asked for officers to flee to the scene.

The teenager will remain in the hospital for several days for treatment for the gun wound on his foot and for further psychiatric evaluation.

While the need for police officers to respond to potentially dangerous and violent scenes is understandable, the officers could have more closely analyzed whether or not the gun was real. The officer could have also noticed that the teenager needed psychiatric attention from medical professionals rather than a gun brawl with law enforcement. 

Banner Image Credit: Santa Rosa Police Department, Facebook

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