15-Year-Old Dies After Tragic Fall From 200-Foot Cliff

A 15-year-old Utah teen enjoying a family hike Sunday is now dead after accidentally falling from the 200-foot cliff he had just finished climbing.

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A 15-year-old boy has died after falling down a cliff during a holiday weekend hike with family.

The fourth of July has become a day of mourning for a Utah family who lost one of their relatives in a tragic freak accident.

During a family hike on Sunday, the teen — identified as Pierce J. Adamson  stood near the edge of the cliff when the rocks beneath his feet gave way causing him to tumble 200 feet. 

One of his relatives called 911, but Adamson was pronounced dead on arrival, according to Yahoo News.

While there seems to be no indicators of any foul play in the boy's death, an investigation is reportedly underway.

“The situation is very devastating and the impact of his death has rattled our community. Our deepest sympathy [goes out] to the family, friends, and community," said Brandon Buell of the Hurricane City Police Department.

It is truly terrifying how one triumphant moment after accomplishing a goal can so quickly turn to tragedy. 

Banner Photo Credit: Pixabay user Unsplash

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