15-Year-Old Dies Attempting Dangerous YouTube Experiment

An Ohio teenager was found dead after being electrocuted while trying to conduct a popular and dangerous YouTube experiment called "Jacob's Ladder."

A 15-year-old from Ohio has been electrocuted to death after attempting a YouTube science experiment.

Morgan Wojciechowski was trying to conduct an experiment called “Jacob’s Ladder” at home in his garage. His parents discovered him dead on Tuesday, according to Mic.

The experiment uses a high-voltage power source to send an electric arc shooting up two wires resulting in a flashing antenna-like illusion.

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Authorities know this is what Wojciechowski was attempting based on the supplies they found in the garage including a microwave-oven battery pack, extension cords, jumper cables and two pieces of copper wire.

As a young person with a “passion for science and computers,” Wojciechowski was reportedly trying this project as a pastime and not for any school-related assignment.

There are no details on which particular tutorial Wojciechowski was following as there are several videos available on YouTube, however, many of them do not offer disclaimers warning of the potential dangers associated with the experiment.

Without proper awareness, it is possible Wojciechowski didn’t even know he was doing something that could kill him.

The local school district released a statement regarding Wojciechowski’s untimely, accidental death:

“On behalf of Vermilion Schools we would like the greater community to know that we are brokenhearted about this tragic loss to our school community. Morgan was a vibrant student and athlete who was well liked at Vermilion High School. Our thoughts and prayers are with Morgan's family, and we continue to be available for anything they need.

While we can appreciate the importance of reporting this story, we ask that you allow us to focus our efforts on helping the family, our staff and students cope with the loss of this wonderful young man. At this time we would prefer not to make any additional comments about this tragic event. Thank you for understanding.” 

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