Teen Can’t Stop Crying In Mugshot As He Is Arrested For Sexual Assault

The 19-year-old was charged with sexually assaulting a fellow partygoer.

Anthony J. Zingale, 19, was arrested on May 29 in Plymouth, Wisconsin, after he entered a bathroom already occupied by a woman at a party they both attended.

The woman accuses Zingale of holding a knife to her neck and threatening to cut her if she refused to have sex with him, while he allegedly stripped from the waist down. Fortunately, she managed to persuade him to leave, and immediately cried for help.

A man, reportedly the victim’s husband and the host of the party, called the cops immediately and accused Zingale of sexual assault. Interestingly, once the police arrived, Zingale immediately put his hands behind his back, and didn’t resist arrest.

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Zingale now faces charges for first degree sexual assault and possessing a concealed weapon. If he is convicted, the teen could be sentenced to 40 years in prison. Although he reported a different version to police compared to the woman, Zingale did admit to drinking despite being underage.

Speaking to the police officers, Zingale said that he needed to use the restroom in emergency and was embarrassed when he found a woman inside. He also added that when he took off his pants, the woman pulled out a knife he had carried on him to the bathroom. 

Zingale’s mother was also present at the same party the incident took place at.

It's unclear if the teen is still under police custody at the Sheboygan County Detention Center or was released on bail. 

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